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ZTEP01: Tertiary Enabling Program

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TEP021 - Computing for Tertiary Study (core unit)

Develop your computing skills necessary for university studies. Learn about using Learnline, email, the Internet, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and managing files on a computer.

Find out more about TEP021 in the CDU course catalogue.

TEP022 - Academic Language and Learning (core unit)

Develop your academic reading and writing skills in TEP022. The unit covers academic essay writing as well as skills to write in a range of ways in various disciplines. You'll also learn and practice critical reading skills, and refine your writing style. The study skills component is designed so you learn and apply the study skills such as reading, researching, note taking, using the library and presenting information.

Find out more about TEP022 in the CDU course catalogue.

TEP023 - Foundation Maths (core unit)

Develop your mathematical skills and knowledge as a foundation for further studies at university.

In this unit you'll learn how to:

  • carry out arithmetic calculations and solve mathematical problems with integers, decimals, fractions and percentages
  • work with measurements including calculating areas, volumes and rates and apply these skills to practical situations
  • solve algebraic equations. Transpose and substitute into formulae. Use algebraic skills in problem-solving scenarios.

Find out more about TEP023 in the CDU course catalogue.

TEP025 - Bioscience (specialist elective)

This is an introduction into bioscience where the human organism is important. You'll learn about the human body and the language used to describe it.

Learn about the processes scientists use to learn about their environment, including scientific inquiry and biological investigations.

Find out more about TEP025 in the CDU course catalogue.

TEP026 - Historical and Contemporary Issues (specialist elective)

You’ll discuss history and consider different views on events of local and global importance. You’ll also analyse media representations of people, places and events. This will expand your understanding of how texts create meanings and convey a particular point of view.

Through these explorations, you'll develop the critical thinking, reading and writing skills needed to study at university.

Find out more about TEP026 in the CDU course catalogue.

TEP1: Orientation to tertiary studies

For continuing TEP1 students only.

Please note TEP1: Orientation to tertiary studies will be discontinued and no longer be offered after 2017.

TEP 001 - Study Skills

In this unit, you'll gain the skills and confidence that will assist you all through your academic studies.

Learn how to set clear learning goals, seek and obtain relevant resources to assist in achieving your goals, self-monitor and develop strategies that will support and maintain your goals. 

Find out more about TEP001in the CDU course catalogue.

TEP 002 - Introductory Computing

This foundation unit will strengthen your computer skills for studying at university. TEP002 covers basic computer operating skills, Internet searching, Learnline(CDU's learning management system) and basic word processing skills.

Find out more about TEP002 in the CDU course catalogue.

TEP 003 - Reading and Writing for Further Education

In TEP003, you'll develop your reading and writing skills needed for university. Throughout the program, you’ll need to discuss and compare the key features and ideas as well develop your own texts. You'll be shown how to access learning resources relevant to your study and development throughout your TEP course.

Find out more about TEP003 in the CDU course catalogue.

TEP 004 - Mathematics for Further Education

Need to brush up on your maths? In this course, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your basic mathematical skills and knowledge. Learn how to solve maths problems with integers, decimals,fractions and percentages. You'll also work with measurements in calculating basic areas,formulae,volumes and rates, and apply these skills to simple practical situations

Find out more about TEP004in the CDU course catalogue.


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